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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Opening Labor Markets On A Global Essay

Focal points And Disadvantages Of Opening Labor Markets On A Global Scale - Essay Example The fundamental attribute of globalization is upgraded facilitated commerce between nations, the simpler entry of the capital between nation's outskirts, a colossal increment in outside direct venture. This expands productivity, and this is one advantage that is promptly recognizable. Accordingly, numerous nations in with open work markets, development for both little firms and global organizations, would now be able to get to new markets over the world. Because of this impact in the economy, there has been expanded vehicle and correspondence among countries and landmasses. At the point when economy sells a similar item worldwide because of the proficiency, an individual organization can Purchase its crude materials in mass, over the long haul, sparing the firm a huge number of dollars every year (Loayza and Serven, 2010 p., 123). Because of these delineations, it is immediately settled that organizations in the opened market will in general be progressively serious and proficient. S ince open work markets aid the upkeep costs down for organizations. For example, organizations have had the option to dispose of surplus laborers. This can help these organizations to abstain from being bankrupt and over the long haul secure employments. Ostensibly with globalization, it is turning out to be increasingly more basic for organizations to stay serious inside any worldwide economy. This is reachable through open work advertise systems (Dao and Dao, 2008 p., 151). Opening work showcase benefits for economies and shoppers. Customers can appreciate a more noteworthy decision of remote merchandise and enterprises since they are offered for them to purchase.

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Case study Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Contextual analysis - Coursework Example The organization is right now experiencing an administrative gathering to discover answers for objective of accomplishing more prominent development. The best seven directors are available there. It appears the organization needs assistance because of the reality they are controlling off base and squandered two days talking about transient working issues. The organization needs to enlist a specialist to support them. On the off chance that a governing body exists it ought to be engaged with the procedure. An agent from every one of the specialist associations ought to be available also to give included knowledge that could be useful in finding an answer. The venture champion ought to be the outer specialist. Close down - The present undertaking requires a point by point plan of how the organization will accomplish development in the long haul. The individual who is at last answerable for the venture is the originator of the organization, John Bigboss. He is the individual that should approve the task. Tips - Some supportive tips to consider is recording the advancement of the venture consistently and setting a particular timetable for consummation of the undertaking. It is significant adjust the objectives of the organization to the representative desires. All partners ought to get a composed correspondence of the organization key move. A relief plan ought to set up to limit business

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Uncle Tom’s Impact on 19th Century America Free Essays

For slaves, the death of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 guaranteed their fate in the never-ending mercilessness of the slave advertise. This Act ensured the privileges of slaveholders, requiring †by law †that all slaves who ran away toward the North be come back to their unique proprietors. This activity by the United States government contributed fundamentally to the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. We will compose a custom paper test on Uncle Tom’s Impact on nineteenth Century America or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now The epic was the first of its sort to communicate and completely grasp the possibility that subjection ought not be overlooked. At the time this content was distributed, numerous Northerners adopted the radical strategy by basically tolerating that â€Å"one individual couldn’t change anything†, as St. Clare in the novel. When this book was acquainted with the Northern populace, in addition to the fact that it sold like hot cakes, yet additionally it opened citizens’ eyes to the real repulsions happening in the South, and under their equivalent Constitution. They saw that unfeeling slave proprietors and constant beatings left slaves with little expectation and little confidence. The thoughtful depiction of slaves all through the South lead numerous Northerners to favor the extraordinary abolitionists, which would before long make further pressures among the North and the South and in the end cause the erosion inciting Southern states to withdraw and start the Civil War. This movement of occasions roused Abraham Lincoln’s adage to Harriet Beecher Stowe when he met her, â€Å"So you’re the little lady who composed the book that caused this extraordinary war? † Although the first goal of this novel was to instruct the ignorant masses, Stowe fell into certain generalizations of dark men. When â€Å"Black Sam† got the request from Mrs. Shelby to hinder the recovery of Eliza with the goal that she may get away, unmistakably he couldn't care less whether Eliza gets to opportunity, however is simply inspired by whether, in the event that he succeeds, he can assume control over the spot of â€Å"trusted slave† that Tom filled. Stowe fundamentally depicts him as the â€Å"comic† dark figure. A â€Å"comic† dark consider is drawn along with the book for the delight of the white crowd, which, in itself is an astonishing idea. This depiction gives him smiling stupidly and neglecting to utilize enormous words effectively. He likewise is shrieking in wide lingo and â€Å"seems prepared to break into a comic dance†. It appears as though, particularly with the incorporation of the animation, Stowe was playing into overdrawn racial generalizations of the day, and inferring that lone a few slaves had the ability to work regularly in the public eye while others proved unable. Despite the fact that Stowe ridicules Haley (the slave catcher and vender) in this part, it appears as though the portrayal of the normal slave sabotages the positive picture she is endeavoring to draw for slaves, for example, Uncle Tom, Eliza and George Harris. A few focuses made in the novel were amusing to me. I thought it was intriguing how being a â€Å"white nâ€- â€Å" was something unwanted in the slave network. At the point when a huge slave comes up to Adolph and said â€Å"Law, presently, young men! dis yer’s one o’ yer white nâ€â€s, †kind o’ cream shading, ye know, scented! † The circumstance slaves were put them caused them to loathe white individuals to such an extent, that it was horrible to be a â€Å"white nâ€â€â€Å". It is amusing additionally that they themselves utilized the term â€Å"white† with the harsh term â€Å"nigger† to affront somebody n their own locale. One may have thought †given the capacity whites needed to meander indiscriminately and effectively †that being white was something to be thankful for. Obviously, being called â€Å"white† had more to do with the way that these slaves related â€Å"white nâ€- â€Å" as a depiction of their oppressor, and by calling one of their own a â€Å"white n ††††â€Å" they were lashing out at their oppressors and any individual who attempted to imitate them. The possibility of a â€Å"white nâ€- â€Å" likewise infers how close these slaves are to their proprietors making the peruser question â€Å"How distinctive are these individuals that they can be viewed as property while I can be viewed as free? † No Doubt Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe had the ability to turn normal, consistently, going back and forth Americans into undeniable abolitionists. Stowe had the option to achieve this by relating the mistreated captives to individuals in consistently life, regardless of whether it was through Eliza’s connection to her child, or Tom’s grasp religion in the hardest of times. Stowe additionally shows that a young lady who experienced childhood in the core of the South could show empathy for individuals she was raised to accept were so underneath her thus horrendous. Her quality and confidence †and her acknowledgment that the key was to consider captives to be individuals †additionally affected everyone around her. Stowe’s anecdotal story of Uncle Tom not just contacted the core of Northerners, it additionally contacted Southerners, and †above all †it added to the beginning of an incredible common war; one that would end with the liberation of slaves all over. Step by step instructions to refer to Uncle Tom’s Impact on nineteenth Century America, Essay models

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Customer Satisfaction of Maruti - Free Essay Example

It was in 1970 that Sanjay Gandhi envisioned the manufacture of maruti which is known popularly as the people’s car it is maruti which is known to give wheels to the nation. The first car of mauti was rolled out on Dec. 14, 1983 after a collaboration with Suzuki motors. Satisfaction is a person’s feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from a comparing perceived performance in relation to his or her expectation. If the performance falls short of expectation, the consumer is dissatisfied. If the performance matches the expectations, he consumer is satisfied. If the performance exceeds expectation, the customer is highly satisfied or delighted. In today’s competitive scenario firms consistently tries to satisfy his existing customer to get more customers in every regards. To meet the desired expectation of customers companies has to look around all aspects of products services and of course market condition, otherwise they may be out of the race. Auto mobile industry has the same competitiveness and every firm in the industry is consistently working for enhancing their product and services. The study widely concentrates on the level of satisfaction amongst customers for which I did Exploratory Research to check the satisfaction level amongst the customers of Maruti as the popular punchline also says â€Å"Count On Us†. Introduction India is an emerging country with huge potential. The domestic economy is now growing at around 9-10% per annum and India’s importance in global terms is being reinforced by rapidly rising exports and domestic consumption. At a time when numbers of a slowdown and overheating in the Indian economy have started gaining momentum, the Indian rupee sprang a surprise by pushing the GDP figure past the trillion-dollar (42,00,000 crore) mark. The automotive industry is at the center of India’s new global dynamic. The domestic market expanding rapidly as incomes rise and consumer credit ecomes more widely available. Manufacturer’s product lines are being continually expanded, as is the local automotive manufacturing base. Expectation are high that India can develop as a global hub for vehicle manufacturers and as an outsourcing center that offers the global automotive industry solution high up the automotive value chain. India eyes 25 million automotive jobs. | | Indias GDP is set to double over the next decade In percentage terms, the automotive industrys contribution should also double. In dollar terms, the sectors contribution is set to quadruple to some $145bn The automobile industry in India accounts for a business volume of $45 billion and has the potential to grow much faster both through Indian as well as international manufacturers who have established huge facilities in the country with the world’s second largest and fastest-growing population, there is no denying India’s potential in both economic and population terms and the effe ct it will have on the auto industry in the years to come. The country is already off to a good start, with a well-developed components industry and a production level of 1 million four-wheeled vehicles a year, plus a further 5 million two- and three-wheelers. The implications, market drivers and scope of a future massive Indian vehicle market are covered in the India Strategic Market Profile, a brand-new forecast of Indian automotive and related activity to 2020. Based on Max Pembertons unique relational long-term forecasting model, it forecasts car and CV sales, demographics, materials usage, auto industry employment, and explains their inter- year of healthy growth in auto industry. INDUSTRY GROWTH [pic] Future of the Automobile in the Economy US based consultancy, keystone predicts that India will become world’s third largest automobile market by 2030. Overall size expected to exceed 20 million with compounded annual growth rate of over 12%. India Then Now 1983 Num ber of brands 2 Number of models 2 2008 Number of brands 30 Number of models 70 Some of the Car companies in India: Maruti Suzuki Fiat General motors (Opel, Chevrolet) Ford Hindustan motors, Mitsubishi Honda Hyundai Baja tempo Marinara Maine elect. Mercedes Benz Nissan San engineering Soda Toyota Top three manufacturers: Maruti Suzuki Tate motors Hyundai Car segmentation: This is done on the basis of size and price of the car A segment: maruti800, omni B segment: Zen, wagon-r, alto, Santo, polio, indicia C segment: esteem, accent, indigo, icon, Honda city, civic D-segment: opera, Octavia, sonata, monde, accord, corolla, Camry, Mercedes Maruti’s emphasis Role of the Sales Person He should be neatly dressed He should have knowledge about various product’s Features Variants Colors Prices Sales promotion campaigns Competitor products , their features , prices ,etc. Latest service and warranty policies Current availability Carry copy of ready reckoner â€Å"Do not le ave the customer unattended for more than 3 minutes† Customer Care Team: Role of the Customer Care Manager: Customer Care Manager is the leader of the customer care team. He is accountable for the sales satisfaction index of the dealership. The customer care manager ensures that every customer is properly followed up and feedback is recorded. Also the customer complaints are recorded and resolved as soon as possible to the level of satisfaction. The customer care executives report to the customer care manager. Customer Care Executive:- Initially does the Post Sales Follow up (PSF) and monitors the feedback forms at the showroom Post sales follow up PSF’s are done in order to get the first hand feedback form the customer about the experience that they had during the sales and delivery process. The first PSF is done within the 72 hours of delivery and the voice or exact wordings of the customer are recorded. The next PSF call is made after 15 days after the vehicle is delivered. The feedback form system is a very important tool to obtain customer’s feedback on the experience that the customer had during the purchase of his/her car. Steps to be followed after receiving customer complaint: Firstly customer acre manager gives a control number to all complaints received and records the same in the customer complaints control register. Then customer acre manager gets in touch with the customer over the phone and expresses regret on the inconvenience faced by the customer Immediate action is taken to ensure that the customer complaint is resolved and writes a letter of apology The customer care manager along with the concerned DSE, then visits the customer, hands over the letter and takes satisfaction note from the customer Then he sends a copy of the letter and the satisfaction note to Maruti Udyog Ltd. And also files a copy of the same in the customer complaints register/file. Then the CCM discusses the customer complaints in the weekly meeting with the general manager on SSI with the entire showroom staff. Necessary counter measures are taken to ensure that such complaints are not repeated in future. All sales staff and managers review customer care activities on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The SSI review meet is conducted regularly. According to Maruti â€Å"A customer is the most important visitor on our premises He is not dependent on us , We are dependent on him, He is not an interruption on our work, He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider on our business, He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor serving him, He is doing us a favor by giving us the Opportunity to do so† How you communicate Your words 7% Your voice 35% Your body language 58% Moments of truth Expectationsatisfactionreality If you get what you expected Expectationdissatisfaction-reality If you get less than you expected Expectationdelightreality If you get more than you expected When customers don’t compl ain they go somewhere else†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. Customers don’t complain. They pass on their dissatisfaction to their colleagues , family , greengrocer, suppliers , consultants, managers , sports club, grandparents, neighbours, director, to you†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. Market Research Project Title – â€Å"Customer Satisfaction Survey of Maruti Udyog Limited† Project involves: -Introduction about Maruti -Procedure followed by Maruti for catering to the needs and queries of the customers -Application of Five Force’s Model in the Automobile Industry -Quantitative research Awareness regarding the facilities provided by Maruti -Overall opinion about Maruti Research Methodology: The purpose of methodology is to describe the process involved in research work. This includes the overall research design, data collection method, the field survey and the analysis of data. Research Objective: To find the satisfaction amongst the customers of Maruti. Research Design: Detailed and structured questionnaire was designed. Survey a sample of 100 customers. The methodology developed was Primary and Secondary research. The questionnaire was designed to get information from customers about their satisfaction and overall opinion about Maruti. Sources of Data: Primary data Secondary data Field of Survey: The field work for the survey was conducted in Gurgaon and Jaipur. The exercise involved face to face interview with the customers. Analysis: The important factors and data’s collected were sequentially analyzed and graphed. Limitations of the Study: The sample size is only 100 so the sample may not be truly representative of the Gurgaon’s and Delhi’s population. Analysis |Knowledgeable Salesperson |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |0 |0% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |86 |86% | |Strongly Agree |14 |14% | [pic] 86% people agreed that the sales persons are knowledgeable and 14% strongly di sagreed that the sales persons are knowledgeable. |Employees spent enough time with you before sales |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |0 |0% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |64 |64% | |Strongly Agree |36 |36% | [pic] 64% people agreed that the sales persons spent enough time with them before the sales and 36% strongly agreed with this. |Employees spent enough time with you during sales |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |4 |4% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |62 |62% | |Strongly Agree |34 |34% | [pic] 62% agreed that sales persons spent enough time with them during the sales , while 34% strongly agreed that the sales persons spent enough time with them during sales and only 4% disagreed with this. |Employees spent enough time with you after sales |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |22 |22% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |54 |54% | | Strongly Agree |26 |26% | [pic] 60% agreed that the sales persons spent enough time with them after sales ,26% strongly agreed with this and 14% disagreed that the sales persons spent enough time with them after sales. |Display of Merchandize |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |0 |0% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |94 |94% | |Strongly Agree |6 |6% | [pic] 94% agreed that the display of merchandize was attractive and 6% strongly agreed that the display of merchandize was attractive. |Availability of the Product |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |4 |4% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |91 |91% | |Strongly Agree |5 |5% | [pic] 91% agreed that the availability of the product was there, 5% strongly agreed that the availability was there while only 4% said they disagreed with this. |Variety/Selection of Merchandize |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |6 | 6% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |87 |87% | |Strongly Agree |7 |7% | [pic] 87% agreed that there was variety/selection of merchandize whereas 7% strongly agreed that enough variety was there and 6% disagreed with this. |Vehicle in Good Condition |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |2 |2% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |82 |82% | |Strongly Agree |16 |16% | [pic] 82% agreed that the vehicle was in good condition when delivered ,16% strongly agreed with this whereas only 2% disagreed with this. |Prices are Affordable |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |12 |12% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |15 |15% | |Agree |21 |21% | |Strongly Agree |52 |52% | [pic] 64% strongly agreed that the prices are affordable , 21% agreed that the prices are affordable whereas only 15% said that they neither disagreed nor agreed with this. |Attractive discounts offered |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |26 |26% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |47 |47% | |Strongly Agree |27 |27% | [pic] 55% agreed that the discounts offered are attractive , 34% strongly agreed with this while 11% disagreed and said that the discounts offered were not attractive. |Decor of the waiting area is pleasing |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |0 |0% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |80 |80% | |Strongly Agree |20 |20% | [pic] 80%agreed that the decor of the waiting area was pleasing while 20% strongly agreed that the decor of the waiting area was pleasing |Offered a Test Drive |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |20 |20% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |74 |74% | |Strongly Agree |6 |6% | [pic] 74%agreed that the test drive was offered to them ,6% strongly agreed that the test drive was offered while 20% disagreed with this. |Post Sales Follow Up done regularly |No. f R espondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |15 |15% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |59 |59% | |Strongly Agree |26 |26% | [pic] 59%agreed that the post sales follow ups are done regularly , 26% srongly agreed and 15%disagreed with this. |Responds to complaints Quickly |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |9 |9% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |12 |12% | |Agree |61 |61% | |Strongly Agree |18 |18% | [pic] 64% agreed that the response to complaints is quick ,18% strongly agreed , 12% neither agreed nor disagreed and 6% disagreed with this. |Service at Maruti Service Station is excellent |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |4 |4% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |82 |82% | |Strongly Agree |14 |14% | [pic] 82% said that the service at maruti service station is excellent , 14% strongly agreed while only 4% disagreed with this. |Careful with Personal Information |No. f Responde nts |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |0 |0% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |8 |8% | |Agree |85 |85% | |Strongly Agree |7 |7% | [pic] 85% agreed that yes they were careful with personal information, strongly agreed with this and 8% neither agreed nor disagreed. |All the commitments are fulfilled |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |7 |7% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |6 |6% | |Strongly Agree |87 |87% | [pic] 94% strongly agreed that all the commitments were fulfilled and 6% agreed with this. |Value for Money |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Strongly Disagree |0 |0% | |Disagree |0 |0% | |Neither Disagree Nor Agree |0 |0% | |Agree |2 |2% | |Strongly Agree |98 |98% | [pic] 98% strongly agreed that maruti provides value for money while 2% agreed with this. Are you aware of the following facilities provided by maruti |Maruti insurance |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Yes |98 |98% | |No |2 |2% | [pic] 98% said yes that they are aware about maruti insurance while only 2% said that they were not aware. |Extended warranty |No. of Respondents |Percentage | |Yes |97 |97% | |No |3 |3% | [pic] 7% said they were aware about extended warranty and 3% said that they did not know about this. |True value |No. of Respondents |Percentage | |Yes |98 |98% | |No |2 |2% | [pic] 98% said they were aware about true value and 2% said they were not aware. |Maruti finance |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Yes |75 |75% | |No |25 |25% | [pic]75% said that they were aware about maruti finance and 25% said that they were not aware of it. |Autocard |No. of Respondents |Percentage | |Yes |84 |84% | |No |16 |16% | [pic] 4% said that they were aware about autocard and 16% said that they were not aware of it. |Genuine Accessories |No. of Respondents |Percentage | |Yes |85 |85% | |No |15 |15% | [pic] 85% said that they were aware of genuine accessories available and 15% said they were not aware. What is your overall opinion about Maruti ? |Choice |No. f Respondents |Percentage | |Very bad |0 |0% | |Bad |0 |0% | |Neither bad nor good |0 |0% | |Good |4 |4% | |Very good |96 |96% | [pic] 96% said that there overall opinion about maruti was that it is ver good while 4% said that it is good. How likely would you recommend maruti? 90% people said they would very likely recommend maruti to other people and 10% said they would likely recommend maruti to others. CONCLUSION On an average more than 73% people feel that the prices are affordable whereas 12% do not agree, 74% believe that attractive discounts are offered whereas 26% are not satisfied with the discounts offered. 0% said that the test drives are not offered and 15% said that post sales follow ups are not done regularly whereas 85% said that they were done regularly but people feel that it is the people’s car as it is satisfactory on all other parameters: knowledgeable sales persons , employees spent enough time before and during sales, display of mer chandise is attractive, availability of product, variety of merchandize, vehicle in good condition, prices are affordable, attractive discounts are offered, decor of the waiting area is pleasing, responds to complaints quickly, service at Maruti service station is excellent, careful with personal information and is value for money . The overall opinion about Maruti is very good. SUGGESTIONS ? More test drives should be offered. Should be more particular about Post Sales Follow Up as it shows the concern of the company with the customer. ? Should put in more efforts to promote Maruti Finance , Autocard and Accessories. BIBLIOGRAPHY: www. google. com www. marutiudyog. com Automobile Magazines Marketing Management by Philip Kotler Questionnaire Being an esteem customer of Maruti Udyog Limited you are requested to take out a few minutes and fill the following questionnaire. Q. 1) How long have you been associated with Maruti? Q. 2. )How would you rate Maruti on the following parameter | |Strongly |Disagree |Neither Agree |Agree |Strongly agree | | disagree | |Nor Disagree | | | |Knowledgeable sales person | | | | | | |Employees spent enough time with you: before | | | | | | |sales | | | | | | |During sales | | | | | | |After sales | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Display of merchandise is attractive | | | | | | |Availability of the product | | | | | | |Variety/selection of merchandise | | | | | | |Vehicle in good condition | | | | | | |Prices are affordable | | | | | | |Attractive discounts offered | | | | | | |Decor of the waiting area is pleasing | | | | | | |Offered a test drive | | | | | | |Post sales follow ups are done regularly | | | | | | |Responds to complaints quickly | | | | | | |Service at Maruti service station is excellent | | | | | | |Careful with personal information | | | | | | |All the commitments are fulfilled | | | | | | |Value for money | | | | | | Q. 3)Are you aware of the following facilities provided by maruti |Yes |No | |Maruti insurance | | | |Extended warranty | | | |True value | | | |Maruti finance | | | |Autocard | | | |Genuine accessories | | | Q. 4) What is your overall opinion about Maruti? 1) Very Bad 2) Bad 3) Neither Bad Nor Good 4) Good 5) Very Good Q. 5) How likely would you recommend Maruti? Very Very Unlikely Likely 1 2 3 4 5 Date Sign †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. Thank You for your prestigious time.

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Essay on The Effects of Gender on Prisoner Interactions

In the past prisoners, both male and females, were simply treated as slaves of the state. Wardens had the freedom and discretion to maintain prisons as they wanted. This meant there was no outside interference. That definition for prisoners was derived in the case Ruffin v. Commonwealth (1871). The Supreme Court decided that forfeiting liberties and personal rights were consequences of the crime committed. Prisoners were viewed as slaves. In addition, losing citizenship rights meant losing the ability to complain about living conditions (Peak, 2010). Women and men were subjected to horrible prison conditions in which the living conditions were fifthly, overcrowded and harsh. Often times they were beaten and sexual abused by male†¦show more content†¦The reason is that females were considered to be good candidates for rehabilitation. The suggestion is that female offenders were viewed as less dangerous than male offenders. Overtime, gender has led to women being pr otected and punished. The earlier notion of women-centeredness of women’s prisons no longer exists. There is more emphasis on a criminal being a criminal. At the same time, males still suffer harsher penalties compared to females within the criminal justice system. In prison, women are considered to be less violent than male inmate. This difference is not taken into account upon constructing prisons for female offenders. In fact, construction is based on the correctional model about men being violent. Each gender interacts within prisons differently as well. For instance, males form gangs within prisons. They act territorially and fight to maintain power. In addition, men are more likely to congregate by race. On the other hand, females look to form small families that are not racially specific. Women will fight due to jealousy. However, they are more likely to vent their hostility upon themselves through self mutilation. The way the prison is set up also creates a difference. Prisons for males dived prisoners via classification based on the dangerousness of the crime. In contrast women’s prisons generally allow incarcerated women to mix freely (Stuart von Wormer Bartollas, 2011).Show MoreRelatedCriminology And Sociology : C riminology1296 Words   |  6 Pageswill respond to crime with regards to policy changes and its place in the media (Australian Institute of Criminology: 2015). Sociology is the scientific study of human social interactions in a societal context (Calhoun, 2002). As sociologists study anything human related they can examine anything from the smallest interactions between everyday people to vastly complex international or multinational relationships. Within this they attempt to understand the social processes; that is why humans thinkRead MoreRelocation Blues and Deliberate Indifference971 Words   |  4 PagesGender conflict is an issue that still exists within our society, long after the days of the Women’s Rights Movements and the division of career opportunities amongst men and women. While many times women are the ones facing obstacles, there are several instances in which the U.S. Prison System has made it harder for men to deal with their convictions. In Joanne Mariner’s article, â€Å"Deliberate Indifference,† she thoroughly describes the horrendous acts of rape and assault that occur within prisonRead MoreFemale Prisoners With Mental Health Issues1521 Words   |  7 Pages â€Æ' Multiple sources confirm that the population of female prisoners is rapidly increasing in the United States. The population now far exceeds one million prisoners (Bloom Covington, 2008) (Lewis, 2000). It is pertinent to recognize the group of female offenders with mental illness; they are a group that is seldom considered when pondering societal groups relating to communication. Through substantial research, several issues that ail this community have been distinguished and can be connectedRead MoreThe Problems Faced By Women Prisoners1468 Words   |  6 PagesGender stratification has always remained a problem in our society. It is only women who suffer from the discrimination they have been fighting for their rights for decades. Women in prisons has now become an upcoming issue they are one of the fastest growing segments of prison environment around the globe. The prisons are built to punish people for the crime they committed and make them a good person before they get back to the society rather than harming them when they come in and making it difficultRead MoreGender Norms And Practices Within Private Organizations793 Words   |  4 Pages The authors suggest that the study of gender norms and practices in private organizations should be used for future research on the role of gender in public management. Gender norms are defined rules that govern behaviors based on one’s sex. The article states that gender norms are established through repeated interpersonal interactions, which lead to informal rules and expectations developed over the years. It is also mentioned that gender norms are established in the work environment by theRead MoreCorrectional Officers Vs. Prison Guards1372 Words   |  6 PagesUnited States. Evidently, I will further demonstrate the unlawful misconduct among those in positions as correctional officers, the reason for their misconduct, and their effects on inmates. Correctional institutions regarding to the prisoners throughout the United States vary in population, classification of offenders, race, and gender; however, the administrators within each institution remain consistent and are set forth to abide by certain regulations. Correctional officers are responsible for countlessRead MoreDissertation Proposal1301 Words   |  6 PagesDissertation Proposal: An investigation of empathy and social problem solving among different bullying groups: A study of male prisoners. A. Formulation of Research Question ‘What works’ research suggests that cognitive behavioural interventions produce the most effective recidivism results among offender populations. Therefore, it would be just to suggest that this type of intervention would be beneficial when reducing bullying and victimisation within the same population. CognitiveRead MoreWe Can Not Deny Society s Progression Of Social Equality Essay1187 Words   |  5 PagesWe cannot deny society’s progression of social equality, however, it is imperative that we not only understand the inequalities that are presently riddled in our social framework, but also understand how inequalities effect people at both micro and macro levels and how they intersect. Acquiring some base knowledge of institutionalized inequalities is fundamental to any attempts in rectifying (or easing) social injustices. Using Patricia Hill Collins’ Intersectionality theory, along with Omi and Winants’Read MorePrisons Are Exclusive Frameworks Of Interaction1560 Words   |  7 PagesPrisons are exclusive frameworks of interaction as they are highly controlled environments and are not influenced by the type of social conditions to be found in the public domain or any other type of governmental service. The everyday interaction that occurs between inmates an d correction officers which can often span years depending on the length of incarceration of the inmate and the period of employment of the officer, will inevitably produce relationships that are not appropriate no matterRead MoreGenderless Identity Does More Harm than Good989 Words   |  4 Pagesdeeply sorry for Storm, a child who would have grown up normally like everyone else around him/ her, everyone else except for his/ her two brothers. However, a decision was made by Storm’s parents to break the convention of identifying children by gender, and as a result the chance for Storm to be raised like others. Storm’s parents, Witterick and Stocker are indeed doing something wrong. Their extreme and unusual parenting decision will make Storm a lifelong victim of prejudice. According to

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Does Teacher Absenteeism Impact Student Learning And What...

Research Question Does teacher absenteeism impact student learning and what are the main reasons for teacher absences are the main questions to be answered. These questions were devised because two of the schools in our district have been on the academic distress list with the Arkansas Department of Education for the last four to five years. Too many teachers in our district are absent on a regular basis and our students cannot make adequate progress with substitutes and inconsistency. At our school alone, I have notice a tremendous amount of absentees from our teachers. Our school house students from second grade to fifth grade. At these grades the students are learning important foundational skills that are needed to continue significant learning at the middle and high school levels. This report includes information on teacher absenteeism from education literature, a breakdown of teachers’ absences at Townsend Park Elementary School, and recommendations to be considered that would minim ize teacher absences. Literature Review Teacher absenteeism puts students at a loss. New research suggests that teacher absenteeism is becoming problematic in U. S. public schools, as about one in three teachers miss more than ten days of school each year. U. S. teacher absence rates are nearly three times those of managerial and professional employees. First-ever figures from the U. S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, compiled in 2012, also show that in a fewShow MoreRelatedResearch Method About Absenteeism3974 Words   |  16 PagesACKNOWLEDGEMENT This report represents the endless effort of a continuous learning process involving many individuals. For those who have contributed their time and ideas are sincerely appreciated especially to my lecturer Dr. Norzuwana Bt Sumarjan and Puan Zurinawati Bt Mohi. Without their ideas and criticism, this report would be null and meaningless. My gratitude also goes to our fellow classmates, who have given us inspiration and motivation to come out with this report. Not forgettingRead MoreUnderstanding Truancy Problem from Various Perspectives5703 Words   |  23 PagesTruancy or absenteeism has been a common problem faced by many schools in Malaysia whether they are urban or rural. It is also considered as a disciplinary problem that has been going on for years. Truancy or absenteeism has emerged as one of the disciplinary problems with the highest number of students involved. The Star published a report entitle â€Å"Plantation ‘lepak’ spot for truants† dated 26th February 2009 reported that an oil palm plantation, believed to be a popular hangout of students who playRead MoreThe Issue Of Dropping Out3955 Words   |  16 PagesTopic: What are the systems and supports that continuation high schools provide to students that address the issue of dropping out ? What are the factors that contribute to students dropping out? Literature Review Introduction Education reform has been at the forefront of federal legislation for the past few decades. Despite the academic gains made since the enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB; a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act first enacted in 1965Read MoreFactors Affecting Class Attendance of Selected Bachelor of Science in Cruise Line Operatons Students6991 Words   |  28 PagesFACTORS AFFECTING CLASS ATTENDANCE OF SELECTED BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CRUISE LINE OPERATONS STUDENTS A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of The College of hospitality Management Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology In Partial Fulfillment Of the requirement for the Subject CL-104 Research Methods with thesis writing Leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Major in Cruise line Operation by: VEL JOHN L. ARBON LYKA G. DAYANDANTE Read MoreAttendance Management System8937 Words   |  36 PagesDelimitations of the Study 11 1.11 Presentation of Thesis 13 1.12 Project Implementation and Schedule 14 CHAPTER TWO 18 REVIEW OF LITERATURE 18 2.1 UGANDA AND ITS ATTENDANCE ISSUES 21 2.2 Northern Arizona University to Use Existing RFID Student Cards for Attendance Tracking 25 2.3 UNIVERSITY OF BOLTON 28 2.4 UNIVERSITY OF BEDFORSHIRE 34 2.5 HID R DeVry University 37 2.6 College Attendance Management System (CAMS) 41 CHAPTER 3 53 METHODOLOGY - METHODS AND MATERIALS 53 3Read MoreAn Assessment Of Competencies Of Team Leaders9717 Words   |  39 PagesBachelor Degree in Occupational Safety, Health and the Environment Churchill-Roosevelt Highway Valsayn Republic of Trinidad and Tobago June 2015 ‘Except where stated otherwise this report is based entirely on the author’s own work’. THE STUDENT DECLARATION PAGE STUDENT THESIS DECLARATION I Jerrod Jarvis, submit the Report, in three (3) copies, entitled as below, in Partial Fulfilment of The Bachelor of Science Degree in accordance with all of the Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Guidelines of the CiprianiRead MoreThesis About Drop-Out Students3550 Words   |  15 PagesChapter I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND I. Introduction Many young people make decisions in their early years that can affect not only their personal welfare, but also their society as a whole. Some students fail to complete school and may become unemployed instead of becoming productive member of the society. One of the major problem the Philippine education is facing right now, especially in the public schools is the high percentage in the drop – out rate. Each year, the DepartmentRead MoreThe Merits Of Teacher Performance Pay3187 Words   |  13 PagesTHE MERITS OF TEACHER PERFORMANCE PAY IN KENYA Introduction This paper discusses the merits of performance pay for teachers in Kenya. I argued here that remuneration reforms for civil service teachers will achieve production efficiency. This paper has three main sections. Section 1 gives a brief description of the scheme of service for teachers in Kenya. Section 2 highlights the economic case in favour of teacher salaries and identifies the government failures in ensuring teacher effectiveness.Read MoreThe Effect of Student Attitudes and Beliefs on Mathematics Education29432 Words   |  118 PagesIMPACT OF SMASSE INSET ON STUDENTS ATTITUDE AND PERFORMANCE IN MATHEMATICS IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN KOSOFE DISTRICT BY BERNARD - SAMUEL - CLEMENT MATRIC NO: PT/10/22738 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE NIGERIA CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION (N.C.E) DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER/MATHEMATICS IN ADENIRAN OGUNSANYA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION IJANIKI, OGUDU CAMPUS JUNE 2013 DEDICATION To my God the beginner and the author of my life who made it possibleRead MoreFamily Problem: Factor Affecting the Students Academic Performance3450 Words   |  14 Pagesof assertion of individuality and identity that affects students’ academic performance. I. The Basic Concept Of Family A. Structure B. Functions II. The Conflict A. Causes of Conflict 1. Financial 2. Communication 3. Family Goal / Objectives B. Other Causes of Conflict 1. Personal Differences 2. Individuality 3. Personal Identity III. Importance of Education IV. Effects to the Students A. Emotional B. Mental C. Academic The family

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Methodology And Type Of Research Strategy †

Question: Discuss about the Methodology And Type Of Research Strategy. Answer: Introduction The current section describes the methodology adopted for the research findings and analysis. The methodology or the type of research strategy or design selected over here has been elaborated further to answer some of the questions raised in the previous chapter. The chapter consists of the following sections such as outline of the research, research onion, research philosophy , approach, design of the research, sampling method, strategy adopted for the research, data collection methods, analysis of the data, limitations of the research. Research outline The research outline provides a framework based upon which the study will be conducted by the researcher to gather sufficient results and data. For the current research qualitative research approach will be used along with an inductive procedure. The researcher will conduct the research based upon interpretivism research philosophy. During the process of conducting the interview, the ethics, reliability and validity issues will be taken into consideration Research Onion Figure 1: research onion (Source: saunders et al., 2009, p.52) Research paradigm: Philosophy of the research The issue highlighted by the research is analysed based upon a number of research philosophies such as positivism, interpretivism and realism. The philosophy of realism is based upon the independence of reality emerging out of the human mind. As commented by Taylor, Duncan Fiske (2015), the autonomous thought and beliefs possessed by the people can be influenced by their perceptions about the world in general. The positivism philosophy claims that only factual knowledge gained through observation and further evaluation is trustworthy (OGorman, Lochrie Watson, 2014). The philosophy of interpretivism states that access to reality is only through social processes such as language, consciousness, shared meanings and obstructions. Justification of the research philosophy For the current study interpretive research philosophy will be used by the researcher which is based upon the naturalistic approach of data collection such as interviews and surveys. In the present context the researcher for the process of data collection, will be selecting semi-structured interviews. The adoption of interpretivism research philosophy helps in the analysis of qualitative research areas such as organizational cross cultural differences, factors and ethics affecting leadership. Interpretivism is attached with high level of validity as the data collected through such studies tend to be trustworthy (Creswell, 2013). The interpretivism theory helps in analysing the differences between the rural and urban scenario with respect to the delivery of services to the disabled population within the northern territory of Australia. Research approach There are two different research approach types such as inductive and deductive. The deductive approach is applied in case of evaluation of a large number of case studies or dissertations. As commented by Marshall Rossman (2014), the application of a deductive approach helps the researcher to develop hypothesis based upon the literature. On the other hand the inductive approach aims at the development of new theories relevant to the topic of the research. Justification of the chosen research approach The researcher in the current study will evaluate the observations for the development of new theories. For the current literature, the researcher will apply an inductive approach in evaluating similar patterns observed throughout the case study and factors affecting the insurance availability to the disabled person in the NT region of Australia. This hypothesis could be amalgamated to build a hypothesis, which could further help in reflecting upon the various political or social determinants. Design of the research There are two main forms of research design such as explanatory, exploratory, and descriptive. The exploratory research design is to evaluate an open-ended questionnaire. In exploratory design the physiological aspects are taken into consideration. In explanatory methods, the researcher explains the data without elaborating about the positive and negative outcomes (Bowling, 2014). The descriptive design is useful in evaluating a set of research objectives and questions. Justification of the chosen research design For the current study an exploratory design had been taken into consideration which helps in expanding upon the theories and evidences collected through the research. It is a non-quantitative and flexible in nature and is mot limited by pre-determined set of procedures. Sampling method There are sampling methods of two different types such as simple random probability sampling and non-random probability sampling. The random probability sampling provides every respondent equal opportunity to participate in the research (Punch, 2013). In the case of non-random sampling purposive selection is done based upon the type of data. In the current study random probability sampling will be used by the researcher so that every respondent will have equal opportunity for participation in the data collection process. Research strategy The strategy of the research refers to the specific method of data collection chosen over here such as surveys, interviews or case study analysis. The surveys represent the quantitative method of data collection where the respondents are put forward close-ended questionnaire and the cumulative responses will be represented with the help of statistical graphs and charts. The interview methods are based upon analysis of responses to open ended questionnaire (Palinkas et al., 2014). On the other hand the case study analysis is based upon reviewing a large number of databases and literature. Justification of the chosen research strategy In the current study the researcher will choose interview method for collection of data regarding the different challenges faced by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in extending help to the poor, backward and indigenous population residing in the NT region of Australia. In this respect, a semi-structured and open ended questionnaire was provided to the respondents. This allowed them to further expand upon the current problem situation faced by them and further helps in identification of the major loopholes within the service delivery. Data collection methods The data collection could be divided into primary and secondary methods. The primary data collection had been again divided into quantitative and qualitative methods. The Quantitative method is based upon collection of data through survey questionnaire whereas the qualitative method is dependent on collection of data through interview (Green Thorogood, 2013). The secondary method is however based upon review of literature and case studies for gathering sufficient knowledge. In the current study for the collection and analysis of the data, primary qualitative research design will be used by the researcher. The face to face interview will also provide sufficient opportunity to the researcher with study the facial expressions of the interviewee. Ethical considerations The researcher will have to take care of a number of ethical considerations during the process of conducting the interview. Some of these considerations are acquiring participation consent from the participants and NDIS. Additionally, privacy and confidentiality of the participants would also need to be supported by the researcher. In this respect the researcher will also need to take consent from the human research ethics committee. Data analysis For the purpose of data analysis interview had been conducted where the management of NDIS and frontline workers at the grassroot level were asked questions pertaining to the different aspects of reaching out to far and wide disabled population within the northern territory of Australia. The similar responses were made into transcripts by the researchers which were further grouped into similar dissimilar categories. Time table Stages of activities Week 1 Week 2 to 5 Week 6 to 9 Week 10 to 13 Week 14 to 17 Week 18 to 21 Week 22 to 24 Topic selection Data collection Planning Layout of the paper Review of the literature Developing research plan Selection of research technique Secondary data collection Analysis of the data Interpretation of findings Conclusion preparation Project rough draft Final submission Table 1: Gantt chart (Source: author) Limitations of the research The research will be conducted with the help of a detailed research methodology where emphasis had been placed upon primary qualitative research. In this context, open ended interview questions were drafted for the management and grassroot level workers of the NDIS. The collective responses were grouped together into transcripts which were further evaluated for the presence of gaps or loopholes within the service delivery plan. Though there are a number of benefits of conducting interview with the help of an open ended questionnaire. There are a number of restrictions or challenges which are faced in the due course of arranging or conducting the interview. Some of these are lack of time which becomes a major constraint on the part of the researcher as well as the participants. The lack of sufficient evidences can also hamper the affectivity of the study conducted (Taylor, Bogdan DeVault, 2015). In order to organize the interview proper consent had to be taken from the participants a long with maintaining the privacy of some of their credentials such as name, position within the company. Thus, any violation with respect to confidentiality can affect the success of the project. References Bowling, A. (2014). Research methods in health: investigating health and health services. London: McGraw-Hill Education, p.35. Creswell, J. W. (2013). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. London: Sage publications, p.20. Duncan, S., Fiske, D. W. (2015). Face-to-face interaction: Research, methods, and theory (Vol. 3). Abingdon: Routledge, pp.125-263. Green, J., Thorogood, N. (2013). Qualitative methods for health research. London:Sage, p.58.. Marshall, C., Rossman, G. B. (2014). Designing qualitative research. London:Sage publications, p.15. OGorman, K., Lochrie, S., Watson, A. (2014). Research philosophy and case studies. Research Methods for Business Management, 152-172. OGorman, K., Lochrie, S., Watson, K. (2016). Qualitative research in nursing and healthcare. New Jersey : John Wiley Sons, p.22. Palinkas, L. A., Horwitz, S. M., Green, C. A., Wisdom, J. P., Duan, N., Hoagwood, K. (2015). Purposeful sampling for qualitative data collection and analysis in mixed method implementation research. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 42(5), 533-544. Punch, K. F. (2013). Introduction to social research: Quantitative and qualitative approaches. London: Sage, p.47. Saunders, J. H., Onion, D., Collier, P., Dorrington, M. S., Argent, R. H., Clarke, P. A., ... Grabowska, A. M. (2017). Individual patient oesophageal cancer 3D models for tailored treatment. Oncotarget, 8(15), p.52. Taylor, S. J., Bogdan, R., DeVault, M. (2015). Introduction to qualitative research methods: A guidebook and resource. New Jersey: John Wiley Sons, p.25.